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Boarding tips for a smooth and fun stay!

1) Start socializing your dog at a young age. Just like the most impressionable years for humans are in the toddler stage, it’s the same for dogs – socializing with others is extremely crucial for young dogs. Of course they’re not always going to love other dogs – they just need to be around them in order to adapt to proper “petiquette”
2) When boarding, bring something that smells like home. That does NOT mean bring the biggest, most expensive dog bed you can find and then be surprised when it comes home with a bleach stain or with stuffing coming out. Please make sure anything you bring is washable (removable pillow cases), not oversized (please, no king-sized mattresses or living room couches). This might come as a surprise, but dogs like to chew things, so don’t be too shocked if something comes home in a less than perfect condition. Suggested bedding includes fleece blankets, medium to small pillows with removable covers, old blankets or towels, old shirts, etc. We will throw away torn or shredded bedding at our discretion. You can purchase old bedding for cheap at Goodwill or any other resale shop.
3) TOYS. While sometimes we have so many toys floating around (dogs love taking them outside with them, as Jackson is so handsomely modeling), they help keep your puppy busy when he’s not outside. Try bringing a Kong, and a jar of peanut butter – we can mix his food with a little spoonful of PB and stuff the Kong. Label everything with his/her name on any belongings as much as you can.
4) SHOT RECORDS. We try to keep up with everyone’s pets’ expiration dates and remind you to check before you come, but we are not your vet. This is your responsibility 🙂 Please provide proof of shots from a licensed veterinarian. Even if you think they are up to date, it doesn’t hurt to check before bringing them in for boarding

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