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Boarding Prices and Information as of January 1, 2020

Cottages (20 lbs and under only) per day:
$22/1 dog
$33/2 dogs
$44/3 dogs

Indoor/outdoor patios and large indoor suites per day:
$22/1 dog
$33/2 dogs
$44/3 dogs
$55/4 dogs

Cat condos:
$15/1 cat per day
$23/2 cats

The military/veteran and first responder discount still applies (10% off listed boarding prices) with valid ID or paperwork provided at time payment is due. Loyalty discount of 10% off boarding also applies to dogs who are groomed by our staff at least every 12 weeks.

If owner’s food is not provided, we can feed our own (Nutrisource Chicken and Rice) for an additional fee.
1-10 lb: $1.50/day
11-20 lb: $1.90/day
21-40 lb: $2.50/day
41-60 lb: $2.75/day
61-80 lb: $3/day
81-100 lb: $4.10/day
100+: $5.25/day

Please call us at (573) 368-4866 to make a reservation. During the off-season (January-February, April-May), we often can get you in with short notice. However, we HIGHLY recommend making reservations at least three weeks prior to public holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, etc.) and at least a month or two prior in regard to Thanksgiving and Christmas week, spring break, and July 4th, as we fill up fast!

All boarding pups are let out four to five times a day, fed as instructed by owner, with any necessary medication administered at no additional charge. We offer extra recreational activities at a small charge – walks, peanut-butter filled Kongs, fifteen minute belly rubs – you name it, we’ll do it!
Please note that we do NOT allow all boarding dogs outside in the same yard simultaneously, as some boarding facilities do. We thoroughly sanitize each kennel while each dog is outside, supply fresh water twice daily, and make sure your pups stay warm, safe, loved and comfortable until you return.


Flea/tick medication must be administered in a timely and consistent manner by the owner.

This is for your pet’s protection, and protection of all animals boarding alongside him or her. Please be considerate of other pet owners! If we see any fleas and/or ticks on your pet on check-in, we reserve the right to administer a flea bath or a K9 Advantix dose at owner’s expense.

Proof of canine and feline vaccination is REQUIRED BY THE STATE OF MISSOURI. When reviewed by the state of Missouri, it is our responsibility to produce, on demand, all vaccination paperwork regarding each individual animal. It is the owner’s responsibility to supply us with that information.   (http://www.moga.mo.gov/mostatutes/stathtml/27300003441.HTML


We reserve the right to turn away any boarder with insufficient proof of vaccination for their pet, including expired records. All vaccinations must be supplied by a licensed veterinarian. Your veterinarian will provide you a vaccination record on demand. If you are from out of state, your vet can fax us your pet’s records at (573) 426-5524.

Required vaccinations for boarding: rabies, canine parvovirus (CPV), canine distemper virus (CDV), canine influenza, and bordetella (kennel cough)

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