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About Us

Shadowood Pet Resort was founded in summer 2001 by Carla and Keith Huskey. Their combined love for dogs led them to establish a business oriented toward serving the community of Rolla, and providing a safe, happy environment for pups while their owners traveled. Originally built to accommodate 14 indoor-outdoor runs, the business became so successful that Keith and Carla have expanded Shadowood over the past decade, adding staff, a grooming salon, the retail area, fifteen indoor runs, extra play yards, and a nature trail. Having thereby successfully established itself in the community for sixteen years, Shadowood Pet Resort continues to serve Rolla and the surrounding areas, with each customer and their pet respected, valued and appreciated. In addition to boarding, grooming is offered on sight by private grooming contractors.
Pet care for all the boarding pups and cats is proudly provided by Shay, Leanna, Natalie, Owen and Taylor. We all have pets of our own – dogs, cats, chickens, etc.- so we understand the importance of each animal entrusted to our care, and treat him or her as we treat our own. In addition, we handle the majority of phone calls, schedule boarding and grooming reservations, and handle reception for boarding and retail. Each of us loves working at Shadowood, and we are blessed to be a part of the Rolla pet-care community!

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