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Hi, I'm Laura! Keith and Carla got me on board the Shadowood team in May of 2011. I stayed here all the way through college here at Missouri University of Science and Technology and graduated this past May (2015). Keith and Carla have since then got me working full-time. I have a little rescue dog named Speckle Stormaggedon, who was actually dumped near Shadowood three years ago alongside his brothers; I fell in love and we kept him after finding his brothers homes, and he is absolutely everything to me.

Boarding Prices and Information as of January 1, 2020

Cottages (20 lbs and under only) per day: $22/1 dog $33/2 dogs $44/3 dogs Indoor/outdoor patios and large indoor suites per day: $22/1 dog $33/2 dogs $44/3 dogs $55/4 dogs Cat condos: $15/1 cat per day $23/2 cats The military/veteran and first responder discount still applies (10% off listed boarding prices) with valid ID or […]

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Extra Boarding Amenities


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Grooming Price List 2019

grooming prices 2017

Boarding Check-In Sheet

check in sheet

Boarding Contract

Boarding Contract

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Boarding tips for a smooth and fun stay!

1) Start socializing your dog at a young age. Just like the most impressionable years for humans are in the toddler stage, it’s the same for dogs – socializing with others is extremely crucial for young dogs. Of course they’re not always going to love other dogs – they just need to be around them […]

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Boarding Vaccination Requirements Now Include Canine Influenza

Please note that as of June 1, 2016, we require the canine influenza vaccine for all boarding dogs due to reported cases in the US. While we strive to maintain a clean, safe environment at all times for our boarding customers, it is a fact of life that any common cold can be airborne and […]

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Welcome to Shadowood Pet Resort’s webpage!

We are very proud to serve the people of Rolla, and their furbabies! We understand the importance of finding a trustworthy group of people to handle and care for your pets.